The Ultimate Membership Plugin for WordPress

Posted on May 5, 2009

A few insiders know that I’m about to launch a couple of members-only websites.  In fact the sites are quite late.  I should have had them done a few months ago.  However, there’s quite a learning curve when you’re testing out several membership software packages.

I found one for about $300 that claimed to work with WordPress.   It was quite extensive and had amazing features that were perfect for what I was trying to accomplish.

Unfortunately, it now appears that it was a membership system that someone has re-configured to supposedly work with WordPress.  I guess there’s always a way to hack around a WordPress installation.

However, I was very distraught with it because it wasn’t a simple plugin.  It required extensive setup with mysql, php page uploads through ftp and all of that gobbledygook.  And to top it off, you couldn’t even administrate it through the WordPress administrator interface.   The 50 page manual seemed simple at first, but when I tried to actually make it work.. ugh.

However, I have now found a WordPress Membership Plugin that is absolutely perfect!


In fact, I must say that the guys that programmed it have created the ultimate membership plugin for wordpress.   Nothing else that I have tried even comes close to comparing with this plugin.

Plus it’s EASY.  Not only is the administrative interface completely integrated with WordPress, but these guys have gone to extensive trouble to create over a dozen training videos.

These videos show you everything from setting up your membership site to integrating several of the top affiliate programs available.

And I can personally vouch for their support department.  I’ve asked a few questions myself in my quest to find as many ways as possible to exploit this amazing software and they’ve always been quick and courteous to respond.

Here is why WISHLIST MEMBER kicks all of the other guys out of the market.

  1. You can have unlimited vertical levels of membership that you can set up and define… ie:  silver, gold, platinum, diamond, etc.
  2. You can have unlimited lateral levels of membership.  ie:  Trial converts to Level 1 after 7 days, and Level 2 after 21 more days, and Level 3 after 60 days.  This is great for training/coaching systems where you want people to get new information after a set number of days, regardless of the actual day they join.  Obviously this is just an example.  You can change the number of days to anything.
  3. You can combine lateral and vertical levels.  ie:  7 Day $10 Trial converts to $29.97 Silver Membership automatically after 7 days (assuming billing goes through)
  4. You have unlimited memberships.
  5. All of the vertical and lateral upgrades are completely automatic.
  6. Integrates completely with Paypal and other merchant solutions… even with recurring charges!
  7. Integrates completely with a variety of affiliate solutions… even with recurring charges!
  8. You can get a fully functional license for about a one-third of what I paid for other solutions that don’t even compare to this.

and finally… It’s Just Cool!

Go now to check out WISHLIST MEMBER.

2 Replies to "The Ultimate Membership Plugin for Wordpress"

  • Ravi Jayagopal
    May 5, 2009 (4:14 pm)


    Would you pls check out before you announce the winner? 🙂


    – Ravi

    • Tony Darrick Baker
      May 8, 2009 (3:03 am)

      Well you’re not quite as polished as the other guys, but it looks like you’ve really done your homework when it comes to features. I’d like to try out your software on one of my projects. – Tony

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