Search Engine Optimized Press Release Writing Guide

Posted on April 18, 2009

I’m often asked how to write a press release to be distributed online. In 2004, Search Engine Optimization of Press Releases was a hot topic. At the time, it was absolutely amazing. We could write a press release and have the top 2 Google Listings for our targeted keyword phrase within about 48 hours. Today, that’s not going to happen.

However, Press Release distribution online and Press Release Optimization, when done on a regular and consistent basis, can help you build up a great deal of news, blog, and other high profile links to your web site.

I know I wrote on this earlier, but here is something a little more simple that you can follow for every press release.

  • HEADLINE – keywords towards beginning – AND – this must make you want to read the PR.
  • SUMMARY – 2 or 3 sentences that make you want to read more, but it must be a summary of the body.
  • BODY – 5 W’s… Who What When Where and Why
    • & QUOTE #1: – Quote from President or Director
    • & QUOTE #2: – Optional Quote from another source… client, vendor, event, etc…
    • & KEYWORDS – Keywords linking to you will do better than just the name of your business linked to you.
    • & BULLET POINTS – “BENEFITS” not features… if possible. (optional) Bullet points cause people who scan to read.
    • & CTA – Call to action … The press release should make the reader want to know more, and the Call to Action is how they can find
      out more.
    • & ABOUT the EVENT, or PERSON
    • & ABOUT the Company
    • & CLOSING – Optional re-enforcement
  • CONTACT: Actual contact person of someone they can call.


A call to action in a press release is not to close a sale, but to find out something special.  Press releases that look like sales letters are ignored.  People want to be helped… not sold.

-Tony Darrick Baker

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