How to save big with Amazon Prime this Weekend

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It’s not just “FREE SHIPPING” anymore! © Tony Darrick Baker 2016 (pretty good huh?!)

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PRIME is a bit like Sam’s Club, but virtual so you can shop (and listen or watch stuff) in the privacy of your own bathroom, or someone else’s.”


* Instantly listen a million plus songs, playlists, and “radio.”

You can even add your existing song library, CD collection, iTunes library, so that you can download and access YOUR MUSIC and the latest and greatest PRIME SONGS pretty much anywhere.

No commercials or surprise monthly hits of $10 against your card. Just download and save all of the songs to all of your phone, tablet and computers you operate. HINT: SD CARDS ARE CHEAP NOW!

[box style=”download” class=””]Don’t suck up all of your 4G LTE monthly mobile internet, or deal with random silent pauses from unreliable public Wi-Fi, spotty 4G data, or those incoming persistent incoming call and text message notifications that just won’t stop, from that one person that think’s you’re someone else![/box]

Do you hate Spotify and Pandora and YouTube in-stream advertising and various attempts to dramatize 3 minute songs with 4 more minutes of added drama? We all appreciate a good cover, but it seems they’re few and far between these days, which is tough if you just want to hear your favorite artists sing their versions of your favorite songs!


INSTEAD! Download any of a million songs available in PRIME MUSIC, plus just about anything you’ve ever purchased from Amazon, iTunes, saved to your hard drive, including your collection of 80’s and 90’s CD’s!

(Amazon Prime replaced my Spotify Premium, saving me $10 a month)

* Instantly watch over 40,000 movies and TV episodes.

Netflix is pretty amazing.  Yeah, it’s better. Amazon Prime Video is pretty good.  They’re catching up! Prime Movies and Shows are included. A lot of them are the same ones you’ll find on Netflix or Hulu, plus Prime Originals and HBO movies, etc.

(Amazon Prime replaced my Netflix, saving me $8 to $10 a month)

* Borrow books from the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library.

It’s like a public library full of every possible subject you could ever want, except it’s instantly available. I love the smell of a classic 50 year old book, but the smell of a public library is not loved.

* Get unlimited FREE two-day shipping with no minimum order.

You know… the perk that started it all.  Plus there’s a lot of related discounts, insider deals, free credits if you want something delivered, and don’t mind waiting another day for delivery.

* They’re adding new stuff often, like FREE Unlimited Online Storage.

Tired of losing precious photo and video memories phone is broken, lost or stolen? Has your laptop lost countless memories when the drive gave out? (It’s happened to me at least twice.)  Don’t worry. You turned on your automatic backup with Amazon Prime.

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