I had fallen and I couldn’t get up.  Sounds like a lousy commercial right?

But it was my life.  Yes, I was so heavy, that my left foot would give out, and I would fall down.  There were at least 3 times in one winter where I simply fell for no apparent reason.  I would be in severe pain and I had to struggle and wait for someone to help me get up.

My doctor said, “Tony you have about 10 years to live, and they’ll be the worst 10 years of your life.” Considering how miserable I already was, I knew that I needed DRASTIC Change.

I had spent the previous 2 years trying to lose weight, but losing 30 pounds when you’re well over 470 pounds doesn’t make that much of a difference.

I was in severe depression. I had lost my business. 10 years of innovation and internet marketing success had gone right down the drain.  The economy crashed, and my customers were all entrepreneurs that were now afraid to spend any money at all, especially money to explore the various ways internet marketing could improve their business over standard advertising such as Yellow Pages and brochures.  Today businesses know that Internet marketing is the way to go, but just a short time ago, it was an experiment.

So here I was… I was a nice guy, and I thought the recession would end quickly.  So I kept my 15 employees on board, through the year and even through the Holidays… and before I was willing to admit it to myself, I found myself half a million dollars in debt.

There were a few other bad coincidences that all took place at the same time, from server failures to employee theft.  The stress had been driving me deeper and deeper in debt, and I continued to handle it by working longer hours, and relying on fast food and comfort food to make it through my days.

Eventually I realized that I had to reboot and start over.  It wasn’t just my business, now it was my life at stake.  I stepped back and decided that I needed to re-evaluate everything.  My life was in shambles, and the dozens of little things I was doing here and there to lose weight and make money were making little to no impact whatsoever.

I came to understand that I would never see DRASTIC CHANGE unless I took DRASTIC ACTION.

That was the toughest part.  I knew my life was quickly ending, but ultimately I made a decision that could of made it end a lot quicker.   It was excruciating, but It was the best decision I’ve ever made.

That action… put me on the path to take a lot of other actions.  Over the last 2 years I’ve done the research, made the mistakes, rebooted my life and my finances and I have successfully made my way through overwhelming odds.

I’ve created 2 ecommerce sites that have each done well over 1 million dollars in the last year.

I’ve created a single sales channel, that has done over $110K so far this year.  I was the only rep, and it was part time.

And… the best part is that I’ve lost well over 230 pounds in just over two years.  I have more energy than ever before.  And I can’t even remember the last time I’ve fallen down.

If you want to DRASTIC CHANGE in your life, you absolutely must take DRASTIC ACTION.  I want to share with you my formula for taking decisive and drastic action.  Because I want to make a drastic change in your life.

In business we realize that it takes a combination of focused efforts in order to create success.  If you simply advertise, you will spend a ton of money.  If you simply promote, then people will get tired of you.  If you rely solely on relationships, then your business will grow too slow.  If you only rely on publicity, then you are missing out on key elements to inspire people to actually take action.  So how do you create drastic change?  You take drastic actions.  But you can’t do it randomly. You must take action strategically, with focus and dedication.

In our personal lives we must do the same.  It’s the extreme experience in my personal life that has made such an impact with how I handle business.

Let me help you. Complete this short survey, and let’s see if we can work together to change your life and your business in 2014. I will help you identify and overcome challenges with your brand, your marketing and growth. Let’s optimize your customer base and build revenue.

Yes, it requires an investment of both precious time and money, but isn’t your life worth it?  Do you want absolute DRASTIC CHANGE in your business and your life?  Do you want to have the confidence to take the right DRASTIC ACTION in order to make it happen?

Then let’s get started today… don’t wait. Time is more important than anything else, because every second that passes is gone forever.  Three years ago right now, my doctor was telling me that I had about 10 more years… and nearly a third of that time seems like yesterday.  Complete this survey right now, and let’s take action and create drastic change together, for you and your business.


P.S.  Yes, I’ll be happy to tell you what I did to lose 230 pounds in 2 years, once you complete the short survey.