Costa Rica – Day 4 – Let’s Get Healthy!

Posted on September 11, 2017
Today I walked 1-mile round trip. Hey, don’t laugh! That’s about a mile more than I usually walk.
The grocery store (Pali) is about half a mile away, and I wanted to grab a couple of things for the house because I knew it was going to be a rainy weekend. There is an AM/PM convenience store that’s closer, but it’s much smaller and has less options. And hey, I actually do enjoy walking.
On the way there, I had a liter of Orange / Carrot Juice for the first time. I love trying new things. This was at a little coffee and pastry shop across from the Taco place (Pupusas Max.) I skipped the hot coffee and the pastry and went right for the cold liter of juice. Whew! It gets hot here, even though there are some nice breezes.
As you can see, Ticos make their tacos a little differently in Costa Rica. The lettuce is on the outside. Not bad for $1.40USD each! I ordered two and I had one for lunch and the other for dinner.
Yes, the tacos came from Pupusas Max, next to Pali in San Pedro. I’m standing in front of the coffee shop while taking this. Ultimately I made it back just before it started raining, which was perfect, because I was hot and exhausted. The last 100 meters or so to the house is uphill! It was Saturday, and there was 24 hour coverage from CBS Miami about Hurricane Irma. I have friends that live out there, so I was certainly interested.

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