Costa Rica – Day 5 – Double Up!

Posted on September 11, 2017

Today was quite the adventure. I walked 2 miles in total. (Double of my walk yesterday.)

It was a Sunday and the weather was perfect. As you can see in my photos, my cheeks are a little chubbier than they were last year. Over the last few months, I’ve gone through a tremendous amount of stress, and it has effected my sleep, and it wasn’t long until I realized that everything was fitting a bit tighter. I haven’t gained weight in years, so it was certainly a shock.

That’s why I’m here folks! Drastic Change takes Drastic Action. So I’m here to work on everything and reinvent myself once again.

The plan is to focus on health in every way. Spirit, Soul, Mind and Body. Being here and being physically active all go a long way towards this.

So around noon I ventured out in a direction I haven’t gone before. It was mostly uphill. I eventually found Crispy Churros and had a “Batidos Naturales” made with Paypaya, Mango and Banana for 1300 colones. ($2.25USD.) I declined the sugar. I didn’t see the point in adding sugar to a fruit smoothie. And don’t worry, I didn’t have any chocolate covered churros!

I also avoided the Italian pizza restaurant right next door.

It was interesting to see tires recycled as curb markers. This is an eco-friendly country. So why not recycle tires and save a few sidewalks too?

Costa Ricans have no problem proudly displaying their colors and their flags. You won’t go far without seeing them. Of course we are about a week away from their national independence holiday. But this is my fourth time here, and they’re always pretty common, especially around their capital city.

While I was on my walk, I heard music and so I went up a side road to discover a small orchestra rehearsing.

On the way back I opted for wood-fired rotisserie chicken chicken at Pollo a Le Lena. I bought a half chicken, tortillas, and a pico salsa (to go) for about $6.50 USD.

As you can see, they haul in truck loads of recycled wood and break it up for their oven. Hmmm. It’s not even 2PM yet, and it’s getting dark.

Sure enough, it started raining a bit just before I returned to the house. Since the last 100 meters or so is uphill, it was a great way to cool off. I got inside just before it started to come down heavy, and it did so for the rest of the day.

Once I made it back, I was ready for lunch. Pickled spicy vegetables and a chicken thigh on a corn tortilla, and plenty of black pepper.

The breeze from the rain was absolutely perfect. Hey, it gets hot here even at this altitude. I spent the rest of the day working on some side projects (more on this later) and I watched a movie called “The Chronicles of Riddick” for the first time. Amazingly, I understood every word. It was in English! (with Spanish subtitles)

I stayed inside both Saturday and Sunday evening. It was rainy out, and since cash flow is still low, I may as well save the money.  If anybody needs any marketing related projects accomplished, please let me know.

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