Building Your Business Brand During a Recession

Posted on August 14, 2010

Branding in a Troubled Economy

A good business brand is one that can withstand an ailing economy. In the present times wherein the majority of the world is putting up with financial crisis, small-to big-time businesses are feeling the impact of this recession.

This is when your branding campaign will be put to the test. Indeed, when companies are competing for what remains of the market, you have to double your efforts at making the brand enable your company to thrive. What is also necessary in these times is to never discount the impact of quality and improving value statements. These are necessary factors that hold assure the user they will deliver more to the customers and keep your company afloat.

Are You Recession-Proof?

Branding seems to lose its vigor during recession. People tend to buy base on logic and needs, rather than impulse or perceptions. Therefore, you have to keep up or improve the sort of value, property, and benefits that your product promises its consumers. This is something that you must not lose focus on in your branding and marketing efforts, but its significance become more evident during times of recession.

If you prefer to include more value to your brand to make it better able to withstand the difficulties of a suffering economy, here are areas of your branding system that must be presented concentrate on:

  • During recession, most businesses would tend to cut down on their marketing efforts and investments. Quite the opposite, this is the time wherein you ought to fortify your marketing efforts.
  • Create more aggressive marketing programs to be able to capture a bigger share of the market.
  • Assert yourself on consumers largely affected by recession by giving better value on your merchandise.
  • Your advertising campaign must highlight quality, economic benefits, and real advantages rather than attract their superficial concerns.

Helping Your Brand Survive The Recession

When recession has hit the consumers, buying becomes a less desirable practice. This will largely impact your business’ efforts and this is aggravated by the intensity of competition amongst various similar businesses.

Go for the following practices to keep your business thriving:

  1. Never change your brand identity. Doing this will reduce the trust you have built on the clients and will also ruin your reputation. Merely try to restructure the messages you are trying to deliver but make sure that it stays within the context of your basic brand identity.
  2. Employ this moment to attract your customer’s needs by performing a more thorough market research. This will make an impression that you are concerned about the requirements and are attempting to find ways to deliver that.
  3. If your business’ goods are mostly high-end, do not simply revert to dropping prices. Instead, try improving the value and quality of your merchandise so that clients will have a better quality spending characteristic.
  4. Be ready to accept potential new customers. In times of recession, people are in the process of re-evaluating their spending habits. This is your opportunity to come into the picture and offer your business as a possible solution.

Ensuring Brand Stability

Consumers change their buying patterns during recession, but business owners must remain committed with their branding strategies. However, you should make slight and correct changes though, like increased sensitivity to this new buying attitude exhibited by consumers. During times of recession, you need to stay committed in helping your customers attain quality service and merchandise that add more value to their money. This is your winning formula.

And with increased dedication to your business brand, you will also increase the loyalty of your patrons.

Tony Darrick Baker has served over 1000 clients with Internet Marketing and Consulting Services since 1995.

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  • Alex
    August 27, 2011 (8:52 am)

    Excellent article. As a business owner, dedication to the brand will payoff. People will always remember you by your brand. For example we call ‘petroleum jelly’ Vaseline, or ‘bleach’ is referred to as Clorox. Good stuff.

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