5 Tips for Marketing with Banner Ads

Posted on October 8, 2009

Once you’ve designed an eye-catching banner ad, the next critical step is to use it as an effective marketing tool. It can be most exciting banner ad on the Internet, but it won’t do your company any good if your target audience never sees it.

Tip #1: Target Your Banners

Put your banner ads on websites that reach your target market. By taking advantage of the Internet’s ability to target specific demographics, you can increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your banner advertising, generate leads, and build your brand. You can deliver your message to specific industries, include or exclude specific geographic regions or cities, and target by user interest. By targeting your banner ads, you can be sure that you are reaching your target audience.

Tip #2: Location, Location, Location

As well as choosing the most-visited websites to advertise on, also negotiate the placement of your banner ad. According to research, banner ads that appear on first page load are more likely to be clicked on. The best possible scenario is to have banner ads placed at both the top and bottom of a page. Also make sure your banner ad doesn’t appear on pages as part of a group of banner ads together. These areas usually have clashing graphics and readers’ eyes instinctively look elsewhere.

Tip #3: Linking

While the home page usually gets a good response, certain banner ads may need to link to a different page. If the banner ad is promoting a specific item, consider linking to that item’s page instead of asking a potential customer to browse through your website. By carefully analyzing your results, you can discover which of your web pages elicits the best response from your banner ads.

Tip #4: Rotate your Banner Ads

Even the best banner ad eventually stops delivering. The more an ad is seen, the fewer click-throughs it will receive and the lower your Return on Investment. Controlling the frequency of your banner ads maximizes your advertising dollar and helps you reach more targeted readers.

Tip #5: Measure Your Results

Accurate measurement of your banner ad campaign’s effectiveness depends on what your goals were for the campaign. If you want to increase traffic to your website, pay attention to your click-throughs. If your goal was gathering leads, look at how many people clicked through and filled out a lead form.

The design of your banner ad, where you put it, and where you link it to are critical elements that need your attention. Once you begin to market effectively, you can measure the results to learn what works and what doesn’t for your banner ads.

– Tony Darrick Baker & K. L. Russell

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    Nice way you describe the whole things about banner design. No more argument. Totally agree with your tips.

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