Ask Tony: Marketing is like a Labyrinth

Posted on October 7, 2012

I recently received an email asking me for advice.

Hi. I am kind of in need of your help. Am talented in drawing labyrinths on paper for children and anyone else interested. I have once tried selling them online but was not successful. So do you know how I may be able to successfully market them.

The first time I tried marketing them was by uploading to this downloads only selling site where I set the price to $2 per a pair of download. However I did not manage to sell even one download (you can actually find my stuff by going to the site and then clicking store and then searching for hand constructed maze).

My labyrinths were constructed on A4 book paper and then I scanned and uploaded them to the site which I forgot to say charges $14 monthly fee.

So, might you be able to help me successfully market them?

Uh oh!

I don’t think there is a good opportunity to make a lot of money if you’re selling guides for only $2 when it cost you $14 a month to showcase them.

However, not all is lost.

Consider creating an ebook for Kindle that is something like “50 fun kid activities using labyrinths” and sell it for $2 to $10.

Remember that cheaper is not always better.  People can assume that since it’s cheap, that it’s not worth much.  The best bet is to try to see what other people are selling for similar books and test the pricing.  Remember it’s always easier to come down on price than it is to go up.

Also, Amazon won’t charge you any fees.  They simply take their cut out of what they sell for you.  Amazon also ranks well in the search engines, so while I doubt you’ll have many searches under something so niche, you could rank well.

Be visual.

You need to not only include illustrations in your marketing pieces, but you should include pictures of your target market having fun with labyrinths.  This involves both parents and kids.  You will want to get permission from parents before you use their photos and kids in your marketing pieces.   The exception might be if the pictures are taken outdoors… but it’s just a good idea to get permission anyway.

Once you have your ebook and the photos to promote it, then go after your target market.  See if you can network with web sites for moms.  Amazon has its own affiliate program, so you can help that site by giving them great content (an excerpt or interview) and letting them use their affiliate link to amazon to help sell your product.

Press release marketing can help create credibility for your ebook once you get some relationships up so keep that in mind.

Ultimately, marketing is like a labyrinth.   It’s a complex maze to try to figure out what consumers want and how to reach them with it.

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  • Samson Julian
    October 11, 2012 (7:53 am)

    Awesome tips Tony. I was also trying to figure out the best way to market some articles and books I have, but it being my first time to sell something online I was finding a lot of trouble. You just helped me.

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