7 Tips to Achieve Your Dreams

Posted on September 12, 2009

seriousdreamerIf you truly want to become successful, you must have the right attitude and mindset to achieve.

There are several ways to do this and you may be surprised to learn that you already have everything you need.

Just remember:

  • Few people are capable of handling challenges and reaching their goals alone.  The majority of cases always require other people’s support.
  • You cannot always expect to finish bigger tasks on time if you do not trust others, especially when you belong in a team.
  • You can accomplish more and become responsible over bigger things if you get help and create a track record of small successes.

Tip #1: The Importance of Visualization

The goal starts from withinyou. You must develop a full desire and passion over the things that you want to achieve. This way, you will constantly store the thoughts and ideas in your mind that will lead to success. If your desire is weak, the results and the paths to success shall also be weak or delayed. The first step is to create and establish your dreams. You may take a pen and paper and list down the items that you want to accomplish.  Break this down into short term and long term goals.

Visualize yourself being successful in your objectives. The attitude of the mind is highly important to subconsciously control your actions towards the achievement of your set goals. You can keep pictures of things to help you visualize. Try surfing the internet and look for the right images that will put you on the right track.

Tip #2:  Create Your List

Next, you need to create a list to help you achieve your goals.  It is vital that you create the action steps that will ultimately lead to your primary goal. For example, if your goal is to get become financially secure, you have to set steps such as saving money, investing, working extra hours, building connections, leveraging, etc.

It is always recommended to make your list more specifically, such as writing down “To earn 1 million dollars”, instead of just “Being rich.” You should also be specific about the action steps. You can write down “Save $10 everyday”, instead of just “Save more”. You should also create a time line wherein you can finish tasks right on schedule. You will avoid the hindrances if you push yourself more by setting deadlines.

One of the most important things that a lot of people look over is their assets.  What are your assets?   At one point in my life, I found myself struggling to make ends meet.  I sat down and thought to myself… “What are your assets.”  What do you already have available to you that you can leverage for growth?

I immediately recalled some old software that I had previously pushed aside.  Within a few days I was able to bring that software back to life, place an ad in the paper to hire sales people, and bring sales in the door.   When times were great, I had neglected the old software because it wasn’t the big money maker.  Now that times were tough, I realized that that old software was actually good money afterall, and that I would still be able to make money with it if I just leveraged it correctly.

Today when times are tough, I look for forgotten assets.  What domains do I own?  What software do I have available?  What needs are going unfulfilled by people that I have the ability to fill?

Tip #3: Think of Benefits and Consequences

Aside from writing down the list of your primary and secondary goals and specific action steps, you will also want to include the advantages and consequences once you accomplish them. For example, you can put “Buy a new Ferrari”, “Managing my main office nemesis”, etc. These specific advantages will motivate you. You can also include the consequences should you fail or delay things by writing down things like “Lose my house”, “Disappoint my wife”, etc.

Tip #4:  Develop the Right Attitude

You need to have the right attitude that will help you stick to your goals. The most important are consistency, patience and discipline. Consistency describes the work you put in to achieve the results you’ve always desired. Try to do something towards your goals each and every day of your life.  Understand that patience talks about being ready for the right opportunity and persevering despite countless disappointments. Discipline should mean that you are willing to give up some immediate gratifications so you can get bigger and achieve long lasting results in the end.

You can practice the right attitude by talking to very successful people and finding a supportive partner, coach or mentor who can motivate you during times of trouble. It is important that you check your list every now and then and make the necessary adjustments over time. Changes may occur but you have to stay with the goal, even if the plan is flexible and altered.

Tip #5:  Start by Building Trust

It is important to start trusting other members of the team. If you do not have a team, then develop one.  It doesn’t mean that they have to be in your day to day activity.  But you should have a team of people who share your goals and want you to achieve them.  Although you may be better off doing everything yourself, you know you cannot actually finish all of these on time. Every individual in your group certainly has strengths and weaknesses. You can alleviate potential problems by choosing individuals that are best for the task at hand. If you’re stuck with someone who is a bit incompetent, you can ask another to supervise and review the work for better results.

Give other individuals time to finish their work and to give out creative ideas that can be beneficial to everyone’s best interests. Creativity greatly enhances if there are several people included in the mix. Learn how to see your teammates in a whole different light.

Tip #6:  Delegation is Key

When you delegate tasks to achieve your dreams, you need to assign the right mission to the right person. This means that you should understand the individual first before giving out a certain responsibility. You can review your list of their strengths and weaknesses then delegate accordingly. Delegation is an important technique used by many leaders. Only a number, however, has a gift in delegation. Appointing the wrong person for the job can cost you time, money and the success or failure of the entire project.

Tip #7:  Get Started

If you are the one having problems or doubt your capability to finishing the job, you may need to rely on a professional to gain more confidence.  Coaches, Mentors, and successful friends can be helpful.  Joining groups and seminars about self-confidence is a great way to boost your morale and ego. Always make it a point to talk to leaders and other successful people and then begin following their examples. There are also guidance counselors and experts available online who can give you helpful exercises, tips and guidelines to follow.

Some programs are meant to help people develop trust in others, as well as make teams work more effectively. There are a variety of changes that can occur while trying to achieve your goals.  You have to learn how to curb the team efforts to continue being successful.

Good habits take time, dedication and practice to become the good habits that they are meant to be. Work on a good habit each week or month then continue adopting the skills necessary to achieve your dreams.

Getting started and keeping the momentum is always the hardest.  Just remember no matter how long or far your journey, it begins with one step.   Take one today and tell me about it.

Let’s work together.   Comment below to let me know what your dreams are and what you are doing to accomplish them.  Follow me on facebook and twitter.  

– Tony Darrick Baker

3 Replies to "7 Tips to Achieve Your Dreams"

  • CSea Perkins
    September 13, 2009 (9:51 pm)

    Excellent order and detail Tony; very useful tools to those that think they are the best and those recently entering into the realization they can ‘photoshop’ their future into reality.

    Am posting this excellent overview to my team; I know your words will empower us all…CSea
    .-= CSea Perkins´s last blog ..What is the “Carbon Footprint” of eeFuel =-.

  • Mike Drigger
    November 6, 2012 (4:19 am)

    Great Blog! It was really helpful,Thanks for sharing!
    So we need to Act on these seven Practical steps of success with faith, persistence and determination and you will soon be one of the successful people.

  • Wayne Smith
    August 15, 2014 (2:44 am)

    Well written excellent content, as a farmer and business developer I completely endorse the positive thinking and surrounding yourself with good people.

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