Relationship is Always the Most Important Part of Any Transaction

Posted on August 26, 2015

There’s no amount of money that can create the kind of loyalty, referrals, and promotion that great relationships can build for your business.

In this information age, it seems so difficult to create relationships with customers and leads, for every single transaction that’s out there. I’m running a business now, and the time it takes me to just email one customer can easily eat up 30 minutes, and sometimes even an hour, if I have a lot to say, or if I have to do research to help discover solutions for their issues.

It’s hard to justify that much time for small transactions, and yet I know they’re not just throwing $20 to $50 at a problem, which may only have $5 to $20 in profit. Customers aren’t just a number though. They’re people who actually need solutions, and if they don’t get those solutions, then it can dramatically affect their lives, (and I’m not just saying “lives” casually.) I’m talking about people’s jobs, careers, relationships with their children, spouse, in-laws, loved ones.

So yes, I take it seriously when someone emails me.  I’m sure that whatever service you provide, likely makes just as big of an impact into people’s lives too, whether you realize it or not.

But don’t think that I’m preaching to you. I still struggle to return phone calls, reply to the multitude of emails, and everything just like you likely do too. And quite frankly, that’s why I’m so excited about a new product that I have purchased.

Imagine a system, where you can accept a voice message, a video message, and still not have to give out your personal phone number, have to buy a phone message system, or be tied to Skype 24 hours a day. Or perhaps, you’re already on the phone quite a bit, and always missing calls that leave no message.  Do you always call back their caller ID? Do you have time? Always?

With this system, there’s no frustration coming from repeated calls to you, where people are just hoping that you pick up. When they use this, they know they’re leaving a message, and actually look forward to the experience, as well as your response.  Your response is the opportunity you have to create a common bond, add humanity, and build a relationship.  E-Commerce or not, this is so much better than simply acting as a vending machine.

Imagine a system where you can easily provide technical support, and get audio and video reviews, (with videos saved privately to your YouTube account for review) all while automatically adding your potential or new customer into an email system, that can easily lead them through an automated sales or relationship funnel. Likewise, you can easily put them into a customer support ticket system, so that you know that each and every customer has been reached back out to.

And if timing is everything in your business.. you can be notified by email, and by text message too.  Are you in Sales? Real Estate? Consulting? A lost call, a lost referral, a lost review, can mean a lifestyle change for you.

So, while I rarely ever recommend a product that I’ve heard so many other affiliates talk about… even without installing it on my website, (which I intend to do as I launch my new website over the weekend) … regardless of all of that, I am still going to go all out there and give this 5 stars as a “MUST PURCHASE” tool for any web-based business. I have tested it out within their test environment extensively, and I’m so excited. Plus, there’s no risk, as they have a 30-day money back guarantee.

The main reason why I’m going ahead and telling you to “GET THIS NOW” is because there is a limited opportunity to buy a lifetime license, rather than the month-to-month service. If you’re reading this too late, well I’m sorry about that, but you should still add this to your marketing arsenal, as this tool can certainly bring in more from the profit of just one new customer a month, than their meager monthly fee. Not to mention the WOW factor, and the lifetime value, and referral value of the relationships you’ll be building.

Wait.. what am I so excited about?

Check this out!


With features like…

  • [+] Capture both Audio & Video Messages
  • [+] Beautifully Designed Site Widgets
  • [+] Push Video Messages to YouTube
  • [+] Build Your Email List on Auto-Pilot
  • [+] Receive SMS Notifications for New Messages
  • [+] Automatically Create a Support Ticket
  • [+] Embed Anywhere
  • [+] Soon to be a MOBILE APP too!

It truly is the TRIPLE threat! (over your competition)

Instead of “assuming” you know what your visitors or customers are thinking – ask them!  And then, make it so easy to actually listen!

By gathering REAL intelligence you can…

– Improve your website usability
– Provide superior customer service
– Find issues with your checkout process
– Gather product/service feedback
– Generate new/more sales
– Add video testimonials
– Add audio clips for podcasts

Overall…create HAPPIER visitors/customers!

Yes, I am an affiliate. But don’t worry.  It’s the same price whether you click through my link or not.

However, if you purchase by following my link, you’ll also receive hundreds of dollars worth of FREE VIDEO TRAINING on just about everything that you would like to know about Internet Marketing.  From “how to add content to WordPress pages,” Marketing Strategy, to advanced Facebook Ad techniques. It’s all included for free.

So be sure to buy through THIS LINK, or any link on this page, and you’ll receive a link automatically that will allow you to sign up for free, for all of my best video training materials, free for 30 days, with no credit card or Paypal subscription required to my video training series.  Even if for some odd reason, you decide that Voice Stak isn’t right for you. (Which I can’t imagine!)



Tony Darrick Baker

P.S.  Yes, of course I’ll be updating this page with live examples.  
I just wanted to get this to you as soon as possible.

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