Marketing and Tech jobs abound with San Francisco Startups

Posted on June 23, 2014

San Francisco Jobs sees Record Growth in High Tech Startup Market

Getting a job in San Francisco is on the upswing for all who appreciate the culture and beauty of San Francisco while working in the high tech sector. Obviously in the bay area you have a lot of the more established companies. You have mega corporations like Google, Facebook and Apple. But there is a drawback to working at some of the giants.

The biggest drawback of course is the commute time. Many employees spend two to three hours commuting back and forth to their jobs. For those whose day starts later on, some of that time is simply wasted. Fortunately there is big growth in San Francisco with marketing and high tech startup companies.

Many feel the start-up job market in San Francisco offers a more lucrative lifestyle opportunity. Their skills are being utilized much more efficiently and they have more opportunity for rapid advancement in a small company that sees them as more than just a number. Whereas with the bigger companies, some feel their talents are getting lost.

San Francisco Startups Create 12% Job Growth

With a start-up company you really have the chance to spread your wings. There is a great and growing opportunity whether it’s in APP development or SAAS.  Those that work at these smaller companies are typically much hipper, younger and called to be more innovative then when working with other larger companies.

You really feel as though you are giving and getting back something from these companies. Start-ups also have other advantages too. They aren’t being lost in the shuffle when it comes to the work. Often there is an opportunity to work part of the week at home or simply outside the office. You can actually move forward and share ideas on where you think things should go. With the more established, bigger companies, you don’t always get that chance.

If you are interested in using the computer skills you have and really finding San Francisco jobs, please go online and scout out places that will help you to hone your skills. The future of computers, marketing, technology and the job market is all exploding in San Francisco. In the coming years, the growth will be magnetized to a much larger extent.

  • Here is a related video from Bloomberg on the rapid growth of jobs in San Francisco.

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