Electronic Cigarette Sales In Supermarkets Have Grown Fast in 2014

Posted on February 21, 2015

Since they were first launched, electronic cigarettes have enjoyed an exponential growth in popularity among consumers. This is explained mainly by the fact that many cigarette smokers are using them as a tool to help them quit smoking, or at least to switch to an alternative that is seen by many as being less dangerous to human health than traditional tobacco products.

Sales figures for e-cigarette products have been recently released. According to data from Nielsen, e-cigarettes were the fastest growing product in supermarkets around the nation last year. Their sales have grown by 49.5% on a year-on-year basis in 2014. Other products that have enjoyed remarkable growth were sports nutrition products, whose sales grew by 42.8% last year, as well as “free form” products, which have grown by 15.4%.

This increase in sales came after a ban on TV advertising of e-cigarette products has been lifted, despite the ASA ruling against some e-cigarette brands related to the content of their TV ads.

Nielsen data shows that increasing sales of electronic cigarettes have impacted the sales of other nicotine replacement solutions, like patches and gums, which saw a decline of 6.1%.

According to Mike Watkins, head of retailer and business insight at Nielsen, the growth of e-cigarette sales are due to the big four supermarket chains offering a bigger choice of electronic cigarette products to consumers. Major store chains now sell a variety of e-cigarette brands and models, both in brick and mortar locations and online.

One such brand experiencing company growth is NEwhere inc., an e-cigarette company that features a wide variety of flavored electronic cigarettes. A recent report by Nielsen shows that NEwhere brand electronic cigarettes are the 3rd best selling brand in Southern California, behind the two largest national brands, Blu and Njoy. Ultimately this shows that a great product, with grass roots marketing can go up against even the largest ad campaigns.

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